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A Custom-Blended Personalized Spray Tan consists of two components. First, a natural Instant Bronzer insures you start look amazing in less than 15 minutes. But the star of the show is an ingredient called Dihydroxyacetone (DHA). Big word, but DHA actually comes from raw sugar, so it is completely safe and non-toxic. The DHA reacts with the amino acids on the top surface of your skin, which will cause your tan to appear within 4 to 6 hours and continue to deepen over the next 12 hours. Once it develops, your tan looks completely natural and can last up to 2 weeks.

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Solar Dimensions has over a dozen trained and certified Custom Airbrush Specialists ready to give you a personalized tan on your schedule. What’s more, Solar Dimensions uses only the best equipment, which atomizes the spray into a fine mist for a much deeper penetration and far longer lasting results. There is no uneven color, no streaking, no orange glow. Just a faultless tan every time. Come see us and see the next level of perfection from Atlanta’s Spray Tanning experts.

How To Prepare for Your Spray Tan

Follow these steps for the best Spray Tanning experience:

  • Your skin should be clean before you get your airbrush tan. We recommend exfoliating gently to remove the very loose skin cells shortly before your appointment. This will help your tan last longer. We offer an amazing non-abrasive pineapple exfoliant that has proven to be very effective pre-treatment.
  • Wear dark, loose fitting clothing that is easy to put on. The color from your tan may rub off on your clothes if you engage in strenuous exercise. However, the initial bronzer is water-soluble and easily comes off if garments are washed within a few days.
  • Allow time so that you and your airbrush-tanning expert can determine which look best suits your goals. Remember, your tan is completely customized, including level of color, shimmer, contouring, anti-aging and vitamin treatments.
  • Your tan should be finished in as little as 15 minutes. You can choose what clothing to wear during the treatment, and if desired, we provide disposable undergarments.
  • Once your tan is completed, don’t shower for a minimum of 4-6 hours although 12 hours is ideal for the deepest, longest lasting results. DHA continues to develop for up to 12 hours so showering too early will stop the process.
  • Enjoy your tan! Even more, enjoy all the compliments you receive!!!

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  • Multiple Tanning Spa locations throughout Metro Atlanta (8)
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  • Get your Spray Tans at our convenient locations or full Mobile and Event Services – we come to you.
  • We use the Rolls Royce of Custom Airbrush tanning equipment.
  • Super Premium solution: Keep your tan up to two weeks with even fading (like a real tan).
  • More than just standard airbrush; our full body apps INCLUDE body contouring at no extra charge.
  • Choice of Clear, Instant Bronzer, or a Custom Blended sunless solution.
  • Incredible options like a Normalizing treatment, Anti-Aging treatment, and Shimmer
  • Amazing line of Infinity Sun before & after sunless products to keep your skin healthy and your tan lasting longer than you ever thought possible.